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Terms and Conditions of Assessment and Repair

Our repairs come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law and you’re subject to these Terms and Conditions below.


The Mobile Phone Clinic Service warranty applies when the exact same fault occurs or the replaced component fails within 90 days of receipt of repair, with the exception of liquid damaged phones and supplied parts.


Phones which are faulty due to liquid ingress will have only 30 days warranty.This covers the specific component replaced or work done.There is no warranty for the failure of any additional components at a later stage. Furthermore, due to possible progressive corrosion, The Mobile Phone Clinic does not accept responsibility for any further faults which may have occurred during the time between the quotation and the commencement of repairs.


The Mobile Phone Clinic does not provide any warranty for any spare parts supplied by the dealer or customer. Installation fee apply to all supplied part(s) as quoted, regardless its condition and labour charges may apply to the removal of any faulty parts which have not been supplied by The Mobile Phone Clinic. There is no warranty for the failure of any additional components at present or at a later stage.


after receipt of repair and if the Mobile Phone Clinic repair warranty label is tampered in any way whatsoever, if any other party attempts repairs on the phone, or if the phone has been physically/liquid damaged.


The repair of this phone will not retain the manufacturer’s water resistant claim. Our warranty will not cover any future water damaged faults.


Using genuine parts does not guarantee that the manufacturer will still consider your warranty valid. Each manufacturer has their own rules regarding third party repairs.

Cosmetic replaced/Repaired:

(eg. housing, cover, casing, lens…) no warranty provided by The Mobile Phone Clinic.

When phones are being unlocked, no responsibility is taken for other function of the phone is not working. There is no warranty on unlocking. We guarantee that the phone will be unlocked; everything else is the responsible by the customer. iPhone jailbreak/unlocked by software patched only, please DO NOT re-software, update software, restore software or reset the phone, it will lock back to original network.


Phones may lose some or all of the user software settings, apps, configuration setting and data in the phone during the process of assessment, and repair. This is generally not recoverable. Not turning on phones will consider lost all data. The Mobile Phone Clinic does not accepts responsibility for such loss. It is customer responsibility to back up their phone prior to repair. Phone/Sim memory can only backup to a certain stage or make/model.


“Or No Fix, No Fee” does not apply to insurance quote or written quote, a labour charge apply.


Labour charges may also applied for any cancellation or reversals of repairs after confirmation to proceed with repair works.

If you DON’T collect your Unit/Equipment within 60 days of the date shown on this form, we TMPC consider your product abandoned and we TMPC will entitled exercise its rights under law to dispose or sell to recover the repair cost.


We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit card: Visa, Mastercard or Eftpos and Amex (surcharge apply)
  • Credit card over the phone
  • Direct Deposit, EFT
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